Because You Have Not Learned History

I laugh every time I hear or read of some individual or group proclaiming they are “Fighting for Our Country!”

No, you are not.  Your ‘Country’ ceased to be centuries, if not a millennia or so ago with the forced injection of the abrahamic cults, with the adoption, participation and takeover of international finance.

That national banner you so proudly proclaim, stand with?  A symbol of their victory over Your Lands and People(s).

So it is you are ‘fighting a war’ that is already lost with the outcome already determined.  ‘The War’ was not a military war although the outcome is enforced with military power, and forced injection of weaponized socio-cultural groups and religions.  Now, while you are battling the weaponized socio-cultural groups and religions, those that orchestrate(d) and sustain their victory over Your Lands and People(s) continue unabated, for example, the political-class, lawyer-class, media, academia, financial and religious institutions.

The weaponized socio-cultural groups and religions injected into Your Lands freely operate underground economies, while you pay taxes to support them.  When you see them open a business, either the seed money (loan) came through their underground economy (community bundling-interest free loans) and/or free monies from the tax monies you paid.

Every time you use a credit card without paying it off at the end of the month, take a home mortgage, car loan etc…you are participating in the perpetuation of your defeat, enriching those that already defeated Your Lands and People(s).

Yes, your ‘war’ is non-existent and until you realize that you must enage in a struggle for Your Lands and People(s) not the institutions that won ‘the war’ centuries ago, you and your future generations will continue in perpetuating your defeat, existing in defeatism.

Until you learn to throw down the banners of the victors, invoke The Ancestral Spirits, Spirits of The North (Europeans and those of European Ancestry), you will never live free!

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