Bring The Balance Back: There is No Wolf, Bear or Boar left in The Lands I Was Ashamed to Say

Last evening I called upon The Ancestors, The Northern Spirits, to inquire of them, impart their wisdom for this cause long overdue. I opened The Northern Gate, of it they came through, man of flesh why bother us, what have we to do with you?

I apprised them of the situation, a situation unacceptable one that just will not do. Ancestral Spirits, Northern Spirits, will you not return, a Spirit Army and sweep across our lands as when of breath, blood and flesh you would do?

They asked of me, is there not a Wolf, a Bear, a Boar left in the lands? Of The Gods with them what did you do? Is there not A Man, A Warrior of The Ancestral, Northern Spirit among you?

I was too ashamed to answer them for this you know is true, in our lands there are no Wolves, Bears, Boars left for man to do what man must do, by nature’s rules. They mock The Gods in movies, books and comics too. There are those that proclaim to be Soldiers of this or that God, Soldiers of this or that land, yet in their role play, not a Warrior Spirit worthy of The Ancestors can be called true. No, now Your Gods, Our Gods, have been replaced by the invaders gods of money, comfort and fear, no longer sustaining that which The Ancestors held so dear as the savages rampage across Our Ancestral Lands with impunity, without fear.

Evening turned into night, under the stars I sat with The Ancestors Spirits, The Northern Spirits, night turned into day, the day is past and now the evening has come again to be. I answered The Spirits the best I could as I put my shame behind me. No Ancestors, Northern Spirits, there are no Wolves, Bears or Boars, No Warriors for Nature’s Order to restore, no man but plenty of whores for money, pleasure, comfort this I am sure.

The Ancestors, Northern Spirits looked at me and said, if there is no Man of Flesh of Honour left among you, Our Spirit Armies will remain in peace, at rest. If there is one among you, his light will shine through, then and only then, will The Ancestors, Northern Spirits Armies come to assist you.

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