Orchestral Machinations (Letter)


Dear Readers,

We spoke of the grand orchestration(s) leading up to and through this past election. It was self-willed blindness, dangerous naivety, perhaps even ignorance masked as fanciful wishing, my hoping to awake from this awful dream, that the orchestrations would once again retire to the shadow world, alas, it is not to be. As with no other period in our lifetime we are witnessing the rather stark unmasking of the entities responsible for The Grand Orchestration, their Master Plan of Religion of Politics performing ritual sacrifices to summon their god; The State.

Good Sir, do you recall our post that featured your poem Don Quixote We Thought We Knew You! Posted March 26, 2014 ? Well, yesterday, I came across this on social media:

Tilting at Political Office
By Kirsten Butler

“He represents a failure of empiricism — an unreliability arising not from the absence of rationality, but from the stubborn complexity of perception. This, I would argue, is precisely how the 2016 election went down.” In an article for The Los Angeles Review of Books, Aaron R. Hanlon argues that Cervantes’ classic provides the perfect framework for understanding contemporary America, concluding that “Don Quixote is such a player in US politics that he might as well run for office.” Our own C. Max Magee read Quixote not long after founding the site, deeming it “essential to all who wish to understand ‘the novel’ as a literary form.” *Source: The Millions posted at 12:06 am on December 29, 2016

Next item, from the self-described “Online hipster coffee shop” The Rumpus there is the weekly posting titled Trumplandia:

December 29th, 2016

Welcome to This Week in Trumplandia. Check in with us every Thursday for a weekly roundup of the most pertinent and relevant content on our country, which is currently spiraling down a crappy, toilet drain. You owe it to yourself, your communities, and your humanity to contribute whatever you can, even if it is just awareness of the truth.
-Bernie Sanders reminds us that it’s imperative that we oppose Trump ahead of his inauguration.
-450 houses of faith, of differing religions, double down on the Sanctuary Movement as Trump-era legislation looks to attack and deport immigrants.
-Here’s a list of all the spineless Republicans who once opposed Trump but have since started kissing his feet.
-If you’re in Hawaii, show your support to Café 8 ½ who refuses to serve Trump voters (also known as Nazis). They’ve since been getting spammed with bad reviews on Yelp.
-Trump received a “very nice” Christmas card from Putin, reminding us all that nothing about this Presidency is normal or okay.
-The number of hate crimes after the election is rising and falling—and that’s normal—but we’re still in a terrible spot.
-The fight for a fair and livable minimum wage is only going to get harder under Trump.

The final piece I wish to enter concerning this inquiry is:

“We’d like to join the Chicago Review of Books and other ally publications in not covering any Simon & Schuster titles in 2017 on our blog or in our issues, due to the recent $250k book deal secured for Milo Yiannopoulos. We refuse to support the validation and financial backing of such bigotry, and want no part of its hold on the literary community.” -The Adroit Journal FB Post 12-29-16

I only offer these as examples, not as ‘side-choosers’ in this Religion of Politics War. It is my assertion that the above turned a blind eye to the machinations of their cult’s sect when their high-priests and priestesses were performing the ritual sacrifices just as others will now with their cult’s sect high-priests and priestesses are performing the ritual sacrifices.

I might have aptly stated The Great Sin of the Literary Community (Journals, Magazines, Societies) is _____ however, as I am not under the dark magic of the abrahamic cults, the finance-security apparatus, will more pointedly name it The Great Evil of the Literary Community is they have forsaken Literature and adopted the Religious Texts, Sacred Scriptures of Religion of Politics War.

There are movements to silence freedom of speech, thought that other sects of the cult had enjoyed under their rule-n-reign, but, now, somehow it seems dangerous and end of the worldish.

Did not we warn those that were involved that their ‘movements’, once The Castle had no further use for them, the once protective, friendly allied State of Force and Control would turn on their movements and them personally?

Literature ‘Reviews’ no longer produce freedom of thought reviews, they are merely tools for The State, as allies or controlled opposition. The crux of the matter is this, Literary ‘Reviews’ are merely Oprah’s Book Club, Critical Theory cloaked as Criticism in Review. If you doubt the veracity of my statement, one needs only observe the activities and events surrounding gaiman and morrison or even the media.

This brings us to the matter of ‘Fake News’, ‘Credentialed Sources in Schools for Citation’. This manipulation of, allowance for only The Castle’s Officially Sanctioned sources is a greater threat to society than all the munitions, weaponry, imprisonment and torture, combined. In schools, our children are not allowed to think for themselves or present information and sources that are not officially approved, enforced by The Threat of Force (failing grades-permanent marks on records) on the student that dares; THINK!

I remember the days when I could look to the east, see the storm clouds advancing on the horizon, the dust of the advancing hordes of the evil marching toward the gates. No Good Sir! No longer am I able for The Evil is already inside the gates, it now attacks society directly through The Finance-Security Apparatus’s Allies and Controlled Opposition infestations of The Arts, Literature, Poetry; The Literary Community (Journals, Magazines, Societies), Schools and Oprah’s Book Club.

The Religious Texts, Sacred Scriptures of Religion of Politics War.




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