A Great Thank You For Your Continued Support!

Permit me to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that has and continues to support OUR Blog/Writings by Liking, Sharing and/or Donation support via Paypal, especially during the on-going task of reorganization-categorization of each individual post (in the thousands, over many years)

I say OUR Blog because it is a blog of and for Me and Mine; The Folk, ne’er The Faceless Masses! While I do the majority of writing-posting, others contribute wonderful content as well from time-2-time.

Now, I am no magician nor am I a mystic however, our writings oft seem to be created 2-3 years (at a minimum) ahead of actual happenings, events, trends in society and culture, the world(s) around us!

Again, thank you for your patience during the reorganization and your greatly appreciated support!!!

-Týr Blackthorn

“Thought Revolution! The Bow and The Quill are not exclusive of each other ~ A Thinking, Reasoning Society requires those willing to support Civil Public Discourse outside of Officially Sanctioned Parameters of Allowance and Issuance!” ~Týr Blackthorn
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