This Is Not A Dig on Those That Share Chesterton’s “True Soldier” Quote-Meme

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”― G.K. Chesterton

G.K Chesterton

There has always been, for me, something just not quite right or perhaps incomplete about this quote which has been turned into a popular meme  (the faceless masses have no idea where it originated I am sure).

If a Man is conscripted into military service does it disqualify him as a “True Soldier” because he is forced into service and hates those that are trying to kill him and his Brothers-in-Arms?

When I volunteered for military service, and, volunteered for Airborne (Paratrooper) status (twice the volunteer), I did it for me, and by default the glorious knuckleheads I served with. There was no thought of ‘Loving what was behind me’ only making it through the meat grinder with the knuckleheads and as being Artillery, bringing Brother Grunt Home alive and in one piece. Even with my constant insubordination, did this make me any less of a ‘True Soldier’?

Hate. If a ‘Soldier’ does not “Hate what is in front of him” then why does he fight? Should not then,what he does not hate in front of him, be copacetic for “What is behind him”?

Wounded German and British Soldier from Orchestrated Machination Brother War

What are we to say to those that fought, were maimed, the Spirits of those that died in The Orchestrated Machination Brother Wars of Europe, Korea, Vietnam under the banners of Governance Systems Manufactured Hate?  Are they not “True Soldiers””

NATO Troops Die in Afghanistan

What are we to say of the NATO Troops fighting across the sand-can and darklands?  Are they not to hate?  If so, why fight in foreign lands when who they are told is the enemy, supposed to hate are, invading “What is behind Them”, their, families and homes as I write this?

Europe IS Burning

What of The Common Man of The Faceless Masses of amerika and Europe, not as a governance system globalist merc, but as  ones abandoned and betrayed by their governance system rulers, decides to become a “Folk-Soldier” to fight and hate not what is “Behind Him” but has invaded his Peoples-Lands, Country, State, City-Town-Village, is on his doorstep?  Is this abandoned and betrayed Common Man of The Faceless Masses not a “True Soldier” then?

Common Man of Europe, YOUR Wife, Daughter, Sister IS THE NEXT BEATING_RAPE_MURDER VICTIM

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