“Because I choose Freedom of Inquiry, Freedom of Speech, choose not to participate in their cesspool of vile human stew, accusations hurled at me by means of hijacked language but with permissions denied, their glue of racist, anti-semite all failed too! Oh, their last resort of Nazi and Hitler, intended to make me cower and quiver, of these two I wear as a Badges of Honour as my Kameraden in der Luft; Fallschirmjäger, who jumped through Our Sacred Noordelijke geestenpoort deep in The Forest, to Honour and Respect Our Sacred Noord geesten, knew how to do! So, what are we to say of British Historian David Irving? What of American psychologist-retired professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach Kevin B. MacDonald? Are they not entitled to Freedom of Inquiry? Freedom of Speech? If not, what then do the Social Democrats-Abrahamic cults and their protected classes have to fear that requires the force of The State to protect? Does not Truth stand on its own? If “truth” cannot stand on its own, so as the faceless masses may be able to hear all particular discussions on topics other than that which is officially issued, officially sanctioned, Promoted-Protected by The State with extreme prejudice, then can it rightly, justly be called a “truth?” Is it not rather an Orchestrated Machination meant to deceive and control? Why deny the faceless masses their right to Freedom of Inquiry, Freedom of Speech, Freedom To THINK?” ~excerpt BADGES OF HONOUR MY KAMERADEN ~ OUR SACRED NOORD GEESTEN by Tyr Blackthorn, August 10, 2018 on Madot Media

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