Books; The Greater Investment Than Anything on Wall Street

There is an insidious program, deeply embedded in the lives of the faceless masses.  It is the revisionism of Books (Literature thus DeFacto History and Culture) by means of the ebook, movies and even in printed physical editions of Books.  This I have written of once, twice, three-times the more!


Last evening I was at my local cafe, yes there is only one,  where the group of students that pursue the course of Freedom of Inquiry know they can find me.  I was rather annoyed at more than just a few when the discussion of their school summer reading assignment Animal Farm became the topic of inquiry for it was obvious they had not read the book but were offering Dottle from the movie and animated versions.  The Horror on their faces when I called them out for their intellectual laziness, Jones did not blow up the windmill a great wind (storm) had knocked it down, there was no revolution at the end when the animals looked in the windows and could not tell any difference between the men and the hogs.


They asked me, and I was obliged to answer them, that there are many more discrepancies however, for the sake of brevity we would deal with just these two.


The movies-animated versions I explained intentionally showed Jones blowing up the windmill as a social democrat insertion to paint the capitalist as a violent opposition to social democracy and in doing so they were obligated to change the ending.  Long have I asserted, and, I stand by this assertion with a terrible voracious veracity, just as the social democrat and the jingo patriot are two political paths to the same end goal, so too with social democracy and capitalism being two economic paths to the same end goal.


All of the above serve the sandcan djinn-darklands bloodlust death cults apparatus of which the termination of Folk (no matter what lands) and their Ancestral Lands.   


Think, only if you have read Tolkien can you, why when presented with the opportunity to create a great epic film telling of his writings were the faceless masses presented with mere entertainment with no real faithful, diligent connection to the writings?  Would not anyone undertaking the task wish, want, desire above all else to mark their place in history by creating such an epic for generations to come?


I queried the young minds, now if the social democrats are not above performing such dastardly deeds with re-interpretations on film, what of the ebook?  Revised editions of the original texts in physical copies of the printed book? Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn are just a few examples of scrubbed texts. What of the presented materials in your history classes I asked.  Are they immune from revisionism and or a ‘truth’ presented as fact yet is neither?


As I was leaving, I explained to them, the greatest investments they can make are not found on Wall Street or in attending social democracy’s version of higher-learning (University), but, the real investment, the real treasures are in obtaining BOOKS!  Books as close to the original texts as possible and to always cast an eye of suspicion on any matter that contains the words ‘revised edition’.


As I was walking home, I passed by the site where earlier that day, a tractor trailer coming down the mountain had lost its brakes and took out a number of vehicles stopped at the stop light at the bottom of the mountain resulting in great carnage.  I stopped and thought for a moment, went back and got the students to follow me to the site. This I explained to them is a perfect allegory of what social democracy has done to society with the revision of texts, their dis-allowance of Freedom of Inquiry, Freedom of Speech.

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