Nature Lesson: The Chipmunk on Politiks-Religion

This morning on the mountain I was watching the crows drop Black Walnuts from the tree on to a large flat rock underneath to break them open.

A Chipmunk was on the rock enjoying the free food, when, a Timber Rattlesnake and a Feral Cat simultaneously thought of The Chipmunk as food.

The Timber Rattlesnake struck the Feral Cat and the Feral Cat killed the Timber Rattlesnake before it died from the Timber Rattlesnakes venom.

All the while, with the Crows watching from up in the trees, The Chipmunk sat patiently watching the deadly battle, still eating the Black Walnut gifts from above, without ever flinching.

Be The Chipmunk, sit, watch, never flinch while The Feral Cats of Politiks and The Timber Rattlesnakes of Religion kill each other off.



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