Nature Lesson: Symbiotic Living of The Oak and Yellow Jacket

The Oak provides The Yellow Jacket a nesting system with its root system and The Yellow Jacket ensures the ground does not become compacted and hardened, killing the roots.  The Oak also provides shade from The Sun and safety from flooding for The Nest. Additionally, The Oak produces sugarballs for The Yellow Jackets to feed from. All of this in return for The Yellow Jackets pollination and protection from invader insects-animals, even man, for The Oak.


So too, within the context of the tribal-clan structures of pre-abrahamic sandcan djinn death cults European Societies did this Nature Lesson of “Spirit Roles”, symbiotic living exist.  The True Warrior Spirit of The European, by the abrahamic sandcan djinn death cults was the symbiotic living model erased and The True Warrior Spirit of The European almost completely destroyed by sword, famine, flaccid-pacifism; By government and religion enslaved, thus leaving no “Yellow Jackets” left to fend off the invaders, to make them Feel Their Sting!

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