Warrior-Poet Spirit of The Folk Returns

In the time of Our Chieftains, Shamans, there was a class of courage, honour they did hold, great poems sung of greater deeds committed so bold; The Warrior-Poet by The Spirits I am told.


By sword and famine the people of the book did come, cursing Our Folk, flaccid-pacifism made king, no more throughout Our Sacred Ancestral  Lands by people of the book decree was Our Warrior-Poet to be nor to sing the great poems of their Honour, Courage and Deeds!


Enough has survived of The Warrior-Poet Poems and with Our Ancestral Spirits, Nature, to guide, not one of Our Folk in people of the book enslaving timidity should reside, Nay!  Turn The Tide!


If not, whatever is left of Our Descendants  will curse you for what you did not do; forever enslaved to the people of the book.


Vast opportunities for Courage, Honour to be shown by Our Folk, modern day Folk, with all that is afoot; The Warrior-Poet Spirit has returned, even Greater Poems to be sung and worked!


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