The Beehive and Sacred Folk Circle Continued…

The Box, The Cubicalism, introduced in architecture (modern), I consider one of the greatest destructive forces to Nature, Magic, Spirituality-Consciousness of Europe and The European. Society, Culture. Long touted as ‘The Efficient Model’ in architecture (structure-energy consumption) the square (box-cubicalism) has failed and those that understand, have knowledge of The Occult are aware that when you have a structure with corners, you are providing a nesting place for malevolent spirits, yes in your homes, offices, etc.

Some will argue over the term Sacred Geometry in the macro sense or perhaps even in the micro concerning certain aspects, includes The Golden Ratio which I lament. Around a month or so ago, I read a report out of The Netherlands on academia surmising on the paradigm of sustainable agriculture being dependent on the reforestation of the lands. While I throw a cautious eye towards the motives of the joint academia-corporate-government surmised paradigm (beware all the benevolent entities present for the public good), it is nothing new to The Folk (Knowledge) of pre-abrahamic cult invasion of Europe and the deforestation program of genocide and war practiced by the abrahamic cults and materialism (corporations).

In the most general of terms, if you look down upon the earth from an airplane of any significant altitude, you will notice the land has been divided up into the square (box-cubicalism), resembling a chess board. Interesting that it is the most uninhabited lands or ancient of structures that retain The Circle. The agriculture report mentioned above made reference to trees being planted in rows with crops being planted in-between the rows, this stewed in my thoughts as not just right till yesterday when observing a piece of honeycomb with its hexagon individual cells all fitting neatly together.

The Folk Circle as the model for Folk sustainable agriculture-living, Think Folk Sacred Circle Beehive!

Yes, I wholly understand that circles do not fit neatly together as the hexagon however this does not rule out its use for the hexagon works for the beehive yet, the concept, if we are to learn from, live in nature needs be adapted for our agriculture-living needs, that The Folk might once again Live In Nature, Not Live Off Nature (as is the sandcan djinn abrahamic death cults curse upon Pagan Lands)

Practical-Tactical. The circle provides unobscured field of vision and ease of defence where the square obscures the field of vision and because it has sides, is harder to defend.

If one wished to establish a Folk Community, not in the village-town-city model rather maintaining the rural-farmlands with a common defence and interconnectability, let’s first consider the outside perimeter of say ten farms. Remembering the hedgerows of France and the lowlands during the allied invasion of Europe in World War II. These proved to be a formidable natural obstacle-barrier that cost the allies dearly in terms of manpower and equipment. Now with the Beehive model within the almost certain square of our ten farms an impenetrable dense planting of Blackthorn should be the priority of our ten farm Folk Community Beehive. Once established, a number of rings of trees would then be established, creating a forest barrier, nature sanctuary, just behind the Blackthorn-Hedgerow barrier.

Now, with the outer portions of The Folk (Greater Sacred Circle) Beehive established, each of the ten farms of the community would repeat the process on a micro-scale leaving room between the Rings of Trees to plant crops (corn-grains-fruits-vegetables) as well as areas for livestock to free range.

Establishment of the greater and the micro Sacred Folk Circle Tree Rings needs to be carefully considered taking in account the attributes and benefits of the resources each kind of tree provides, for example fruit, nuts, tea, medicine, shelter all the while giving great attention to Our Folk Knowledge of The Spirits of The Woods.

The question was asked of me what of the spaces between the Sacred Individual Farm Cell Folk Circles unlike the hexagon of the beehive that fits tightly together. These, I recommend, be left untouched by humans except perhaps for the placement of Rune-Ogham Stones and/or mini stone towers of a man’s height with Northward facing aperture at the top, places for the fairies or others to reside unmolested in return for protecting The Greater Sacred Folk Circle Beehive Community!

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