Unless Our Folk Suffer Violence

Nature teaches us that she hides the finest qualities of the tea leaf, coffee bean till they suffer the violence of boiling water. Then and only then can the perfect cup of be discovered. Does not the grape hide its glory until it is s stomped-pressed? Who is there among The Folk that can discover the secrets of the tobacco leaf, the perfect pipe unless it too suffers violence from fire?

Does The Wolf, Bear, Boar sit idly by waiting for sustenance or do they proactively hunt and seek? What Squirrel sits under an Oak waiting for the acorns to drop or do they not scale the Mighty Oaks, with great dexterity and balance, climb out onto the furthest branches, oft hanging precariously, in its quest? Oh, yes, The Snake will lie in wait to ambush its prey, there is a time for this too Nature teaches us.

Do not the Wolf, Bear, Boar, with great tenacity, courage, protect its Lands, Pack, Sleuth, Sounder?

Are Our Folk any different? If so, stop here, read no further.

No, Our Folk have met the violence of being boiled, stomped, met the flame. How long must Our Folk suffer the violence before their hidden qualities are brought forth? If Our Folk have already suffered the violence then how long will they steep, ferment, before they serve The Perfect Cup, offer The Perfect Pipe?

The Wolf, Bear, Boar will protect their own, not just from others, yea, even from others of their own kind; Why not Our Folk then? Why do Our Folk sit idly by waiting for a favourable fate to fall from the trees?



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