Song of Our Sacred Bear



Common off the mountain near is the haunting tortured spirit Vixen Scream and tortured Gollum Coyote Howl. Yet, there are songs sung in the night, songs that whisper to man though our sacred trees, be it a mighty gust or by the slightness of a gentle breeze. Of which of these songs have you heard sung? By Our Sacred Boar? By Our Sacred Wolf? Perhaps, sadly none?

I have heard Our Sacred Boar song sung through the trees.
I have heard Our Sacred Wolf song sung through the trees.
Some, by choice, some by fate, will not hear any of or more than these.

Quite common I see Our Sacred Bear by the light of The Sun, content to observe and to honour and respect, bother them none. Of The Moon and its light, for me to state definitively I have seen Our Sacred Bear, this cannot be done however, I have seen large shadows weave among the trees, treading lighter, quieter, than spirits on the warm summer breeze rustling the trees. These, Our Sacred Bear, I believe to be.

Last night under the stars, through the trees, a new song, a song I have never heard since my life begun, beyond the Songs of Our Sacred Boar, Our Sacred Wolf; In The Trees, Song of Our Sacred Bear!

I was not alone in this, Loyal Brother Dog, who protects and guides me, was at my side, unbreakable stare into the dark of the trees till first light filtered over the mountain, lit golden the sky.


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