This IS Our Time; Be The Wise Tiwaz, Be The Wise Uruz

Be The Auroch You Were Born To Be!

Have I not penned of Tiwaz? The True Warrior Spirit? Or did you not read, understand my lament? For if it is true that you read, understood what was penned then, there would be no such need for this by my pen. The True Warrior understands the many facets of battle, war, these are not relegated to the realm of Martial Affairs of The Sword or Spear.

Inquire of Our Sacred Ancestors Spirits, Our Sacred Runes of Uruz, and what it means to be, this knowledge, wisdom will not be found in any books of history, those that teach you to be an OX of domestication, as their commodity!

Learn to walk a country mile (for your safety not within the confines of modernist urban decay). In return for your simple act of rebellion, you will see your neighborhood, village, town in a way not known to you before, gain a greater awareness of your surroundings and if lucky enough some beautiful displays by Nature. If you must own an automobile, do not place the yoke of usury on your own neck for those that consider you a domesticated commodity. Consider also, every drop of petrol you purchase funds the further destruction of Our Folk.

Have you yet to realize Your Magic, Your Power? Become self-sufficient by learning crafts and trades. A simple stroll through the woods, a fallen limb you will feel connected, from this, by hand, craft YOUR Sacred Rune set of YOUR Spirit, Power and Magic! If you buy a set of wood (cut from a live tree), stone (quarried), subjected to violence, any of these or manufactured by the Chinese, Your Power, Your Magic, Our Sacred Ancestors will not be with these!

Grow your own food, herbs, spices and remedies; learn to pickle and preserve-canning, dry and smoke (meat-fish), if you must purchase, purchase from the small farmer-rancher locally. Learn of Our Sacred Trees and all the useful benefits of these.

There may come the time for Our Folk, The European Wild Ox, to charge-gore-trample Our enemies unmercilessly, does it not behoove us then to weaken them before such a time comes?

This IS Our Time; Be The Wise Tiwaz, Be The Wise Uruz!



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