Why I do not join ‘European Folk-Pagan’ Groups-Organizations-Movements

First, we must discuss the organizational fallibilities.


Modern so-called European Folk-Pagan Organizational Models disregard the basics of structure for success.  Now, success is different than existence for they may exist even without success.


The correct model, as taught by Our Sacred Ancestors, is The Individual comes together to form the Family, The Families then come together to form The Clans-Tribes, which come together under a unified banner of common purpose-cause.  This is based upon the Folk Land-Peoples (True Nationalism) concept not a contrived socio-political banner (False Nationalism) created for control purposes as we will see in the next paragraph.


The Modern European Folk-Pagan Organizational Model does not work for it is based upon false nationalism (socio-political banners-borders) but more importantly they begin with the Group-Organization-Movement Model then attempt to populate them from the top down.  Aside from the lack of any cohesiveness, it leaves the organization-group-movement ripe for infiltration-control as well as the many egos maneuvering for “Chief” Status, as no one wishes to be the common labourer or foot soldier if I may use that term in its historical sense.


On the matter of  infiltration-control.


The social democrats, abrahamic cults and their finance-security apparatus have made no secret of their fear of the individual, any Folk-Pagan Revival by The European.  The crowd is easier to control than the individual, the individual is always suspect. In our post, Civil Public Discourse: Whisky~n~Pipes: Taverns of Thought Revolution,  we explain how by means of law-regulation the social democrats, abrahamic cults and their finance-security apparatus have silenced Think-Thought outside of that which is officially issued, officially sanctioned, in as much as having achieved a perpetuating self-censorship.


Now, being desperate to retain power, and, given the historical fact of  the social democrats, abrahamic cults and their finance-security apparatus infiltrating organizations-groups-movements, and, going as far as to create their own, for the express purposes for which this is done we do not need to expound on here, in addition to their history of disinformation, which includes their control of publishing houses, celebrity-best seller book club-lists, literary and poetry magazines as well as hiring writers (supported by coerced audiences); What clear minded, well-reasoned Folk European would think their organizations-groups-movements are exempt from this level of infiltration-control, even more so in the digital age and the internet?


No, I know My Folk and They Know Me, this is the only organization-group-movement I belong to as:   A Man Without Country, Yea, A Land(s) and People(s) Have I!


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