Owl (Spirit) Journal

Sister Owl ( Owl—Detachment, Wisdom, Change) visited me last night!
At first light this morning, assuming my position in my deckchair for Pipe-n-Coffee I noticed this feather, less than 1/4 of an inch on my chair. Given the small size of Sister Owl that glides past me at night here in my new place, I can only surmise that she perched on my chair last night, as the chair is in the V between two exterior walls with overhanging eves. It does not appear to be a hawk feather and given the timing of its appearance; Sister Owl came to message Me! ~Tyr Blackthorn
9.16.18 Owl Feather left on my deck chair. (Magnified view on a paper towel.)
I am settled in my new place.  Mighty Oaks, Sacred Birches in abundance (around deck).
Three nights ago, experienced sleep paralysis, black shadow figure watching me.
At night enjoying last of the pipes for the day on my deck, small Owls glide by on a fairly frequent basis.
This morning at first light, went for pipe-n-coffee on deck only to discover an Owl Feather where I sit.
The question remains, one that I must seek an answer to, what is the message from the Otherwordly Spirit Realm?


9.19.18 Last night early this morning a large powerful Owl appeared, perching on my deck. I watched it through the glass sliding door and it watched me, more of a direct eye contact connection, me curious about it and it of me.
Then Loyal Brother Dog (Spirit) who protects and guides me, awakened by my stirring, came charging up behind me, startling the Owl and it flew away.
What was the message brought by The Spirits?
What message of Death (change) not your abrahamic cult conception of death, required such a large powerful messenger to deliver?


9.16.18 ~ 9.19.18 Owl Otherworldy Spirit Message Delivered:

Our Sacred Ancestors Have Set Europe, The European On Fire!

The Nords, The Celts, The Saxons, The Greater Germanics, The Slavs, Greater Europe; Long have we been artificially fractured within Our Own Tribes (Peoples) and Inter-Tribal (Greater Europe) by the abrahamic cults and social democracy.  They sought to set fire to Europe and The European historically by means of conquest, genocide, slavery and generational exile.  Most recently, by means of injecting hostile sandcan-darklands savages invaders.  This has backfired on them for Our Blood Memory, Our Sacred Ancestors IS The Fire That Burns, set Europe and The European on (Ancestral) Fire!

Currently underway is the, if I may use these terms though I do not think of them as completely accurate, inadequate at best, is the reconciliation-reunification of The Nords, The Celts, The Saxons, The Greater Germanics, The Slavs, Greater Europe;  Our Own Tribes (Peoples) and Inter-Tribal (Greater Europe).  No longer are the fake nationalism borders set to fracture and control of any effect for The European has returned to True Nationalism as such, of Ancestral Lands and Peoples!

The Europeans that are of Our Folk, the ones born and raised in generational exile are in greater and greater numbers answering The Call of Our Sacred Ancestors, returning home!  This despite the abrahamism-social democrat beholden entities enforcing anti-Ethnic European Return Home Immigration Policies while using state resources-force to invade Our Ancestral Lands with the sandcan-darkland savages.

The Nords, The Celts, The Saxons, The Greater Germanics, The Slavs, Greater Europe, have returned and Europe is burning however it is the Sacred Fire of Our Ancestors that has set Europe and Our Folk ablaze.  This fire will consume, but Our Sacred Folk will not be the ones consumed by Europe Burning!


9.22.18   Berkano Defying Fierce Winds!

birchdefyingfierce winds

Last night, fierce winds did blow; Sacred Oaks, Birches and Elms, back and forth to and fro till morning calm and the Sun’s first glow.

For their protection through the night, with morning pipe-n-coffee, I thanked The Tree (Spirits).

My Crows and and Turkey Vultures have followed me to my new residence. This to my delight, my new neighbors fright and disdain. Crow covered deck, Turkey Vultures circling silently overhead, all looking with stretched out necks to confirm they have found me yet, again.

The winds have returned to their fierce blow, strangely only blowing hard on The Sacred Birches, yet of the Oaks and Elms, all around, barely a gentle breeze, if even that can be said of it.

Leaves at the mercy of the wind blowing away, hard to the ground as the Northern Snows doth come and go. One solitary leaf, dancing on the wind above my head, defies the wind, goes where it desires instead, for a minute, perhaps a bit more, dancing ever closer, lands gently on my lap.

Oh, Sacred Birch, message given, message delivered!




Morning Magic With My Trees

0130hrs, silent five hours with my Tree (Spirits) in a heavy rolling mist.

0630hrs Blue Skies Break!

Rustling Tree Tops, thru the Trees winds of bluster come.

Silence! Turkey Vultures soaring in Vulturenado Funnel, ride the thermals above.

Not a Tree stirs, Branches gently reach down to touch, greet Brother Dog and me.

Lifted up in The Forests collective Deep-Breath Heave, yea, even Our Sacred Trees (Spirits) sigh.



On my deck yesterday afternoon I saw Spirit Hawk darting through The Trees with a mob of Blue Jays and Sparrows chasing-attacking Spirit Hawk into the open golf course greens.  This I have seen before however it was then I saw Spirit Hawk do something I have never seen it do before.

Surrounded by the mob, in aerial combat, Spirit Hawk dropped one of its wings and spiraled to the open golf course greens.  It hopped around dragging its wing. Then “IT” happened, as the mob came in for the kill, Spirit Hawk pulled up it’s ‘broken wing’, with its talons, struck out at the mob, injuring a few and carrying off one in majestic Victorious Battle-Victory Flight, disappearing into The Sun!

So it is, even The Lone Hunter must at times, feign being injured-weak, appear as Prey, in order to gain Battle Victory this and any other day!

Be The Hunter, Never The Prey!


1028hrs update

Watched A Dark Song last night.  Just now, while enjoying a pipe-n-coffee Spirit Hawk shot like a bolt of lightening from The Trees, smacked into the sliding glass door right in front of me, then flew off in the direction of yesterdays Battle Scene.  Shortly thereafter, a mob of Blue Jays and Crows filled the trees right off my deck.  The Magic IS Real!


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