Murder of Our Folk ~ The Language of The Word-Sword



mass noun
1. The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

1. Kill (someone) unlawfully and with premeditation.

get away with (blue) murder

informal Succeed in doing whatever one chooses without being punished or suffering any disadvantage.

‘religion, governance, corporatism authorities are non-uniformed sandcan-darkland savages soldiers get away with murder’


It is time to re-address  the term ‘Murder’ as used by the faceless masses in contemporary society, in this time of The Murder of Our Folk!


To kill in the name of religion, governance and corporatism is hardly a new phenomena nor is the misapplication of the term Murder and who is considered a Murderer.  All of which follows the paradigm of The Official Line of Ambiguity, which history shows us religion, governance and corporatism use deftly in the same way they tell you who ‘The Enemy’ is all the while escaping scrutiny-culpability.


If then, the faceless masses understood by even through a simple immersion in history, reason and thought that killing in the name of religion, government and corporatism is, and has always been, officially sanctioned, officially issued Murder then this adroit thinking necessarily leads us to consider contemporary society.  Nowhere in history have religion, governance and corporatism been exempt from ritualistic blood sacrificing not just external elements but also turning within on domestic populations. Where is this more poignant today than in Europe and amerika?


It is stinking thinking to believe that all armies wear uniforms.  These three nefarious, Anti-European Folk entities have invaded Our Sacred Ancestral Lands with the importation of Non-Uniformed sandcan-darkland savages soldiers.  You have never stopped to consider the weapons and ammunition tonnage in the millions being shipped into amerika and then funneled into Europe. How is it that this ‘slips through’ while a simple letter, book or other parcel sent by the common man is torn asunder or ‘lost’ by customs?  Why they wink and nod to the proliferation of abrahamic death cult sandcan-darkland savages paramilitary training camps across amerika yet any such camp associated with any Ethnic European Identity is raided and shutdown?They have been inserted into Our Sacred Ancestral Lands to rape-pillage-plunder, yea, MURDER WITH OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED, OFFICIALLY ISSUED IMMUNITY!  Oh, yes, from time to time they might receive a slap on the wrist, followed by excuses made, all to placate the faceless masses. A pretty neat sleight of hand trick performed by the bamboozler entities on the bamboozled.  Yet, if a European (ethnic identity not by political identity) is to ever kill an invader in defence of Folk and Lands, that is now considered MURDER!


So it is (I use this when things are so out in the open but you refuse to see), religion, governance, corporatism is getting away with MURDER of Our Folk and Our Folk have not yet learned to speak the language THE MURDERERS UNDERSTAND.  Downsize your living quarters/land ownership and become as self-sufficient as possible for it is your being cattle of production-consumption and a tax-slave which enables the support of the programs of importing and supporting Non-Uniformed sandcan-darkland savages soldiers to rape-pillage-plunder; Murder of Our Folk.


I ask you, in re-addressing the term ‘Murder’ and who are the ‘Murderers’, is it not time to speak truth, the truth that religion, governance, corporatism having declared open warfare by turning on the domestic populations of Our Folk, committing the MURDERS of The Ethnic Europeans and as such, with their injection and support of/for their Non-Uniformed Soldiers culpable?  If so, are not the Ethnic Europeans, Our Folk that defend Our Sacred Ancestral Lands and Our Folk, not the murderers the nefarious entities would have you believe rather Freedom Fighters? To defend one’s Sacred Ancestral Lands and Folk can never, must never be considered Murder in order for Our Folk to survive, Our Sacred Ancestral Lands to thrive once more; FREE!




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