Folk; This Season of Our Moons

Under today’s mid-afternoon sun, in the shade of Our Sacred  Berkano of Golden Hair, Dreams of Kadath (The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath By H. P. Lovecraft) smoldered in my pipe, on the gentle breeze, plum-raisin, brown sugar, apple cider aromas danced with the spirits their dance.  Yes, The Russians were there with their smokey caravan, tipping the pot. How strange I thought, the absence of Our Sacred Bears, Sacred Stags so far this season, realization met with the even more peculiar greater numbers of Crows and Foxes in the most animated congregated states.




On the ‘morrow 2346 hrs est, Our Goddess, with her New Moon, comes bearing her gifts of Cleansing-Creativity-Beginnings.  Time for the Warrior Spirits of The Folk and their implements to re-energize with Our Goddess’s Charge.


As The Seeker of Knowledge Beyond Knowledge, Wisdom Beyond Wisdom, Sight Beyond Sight, I called upon Our Sacred Ancestors Spirits, leaving nothing to human forces of odious chance or self-hubris, this or any other night.  


Oh, Folk, breathe deep the air pregnant with Folk Magic, Our Magic, riding The Northwinds Blow!  Some informed by The Stars, some by Our Sacred Runes, still, some by Otherworldly Cards.


The History of Time (Past) has not been kind to Our Folk.  Many have walked The Hermit’s Walk, alone yet never alone with Our Sacred Ancestral Spirits walking side by side, showing us worlds for gain, gain of Wisdom, Self-Knowledge, Guidance.  For many of Our Folk, it meant taking the path that was ne’er meant for us, for this path was not of Our Sacred Ancestors, most foreign to us. Your Blood Memory called out to you in your disappointment, to withdraw from the path of the foreign faceless masses, onto the path of finding oneself for your Blood Memory is your future.


The History of Time (Present).  What are you holding on to? What is it that is foreign to your Blood Memory, your Ancestors of Blood and Bone, Our Sacred Lands?  Pull The Death Card! Death is but a door to rebirth! Who taught Our Folk to fear death? The ones that taught Our Folk to live, and die cowardly deaths on their knees. The very same that outlawed the carrying, let alone learning from of Our Ancestral Tomes!  Since Death is Endings, Transformation, Beginnings; BURN IT ALL DOWN!   Burning it all down is just the initiation into your transformation.  Get out into Nature, learn from that which is more ancient than man. Nature IS the ultimate Folk system.  In her, between all its aspects, there is Generosity, Charity, Wealth, all of which she is willing to share with those in her, of her folk.  This is imperative in your transformation, that you become one of her folk and not continue on as the savages do with the rape, pillage, plunder, yea, Murder of Nature and Her Folk!  This to applies to you and Our Folk. Our Generosity, Charity, Wealth, is Folk Capital that should only be spent among Our Folk! Why spend Our Folk Capital on the savages that rape, pillage, plunder, yea, Murder Nature and Our Folk?


The History of Time (Future).  This is your hour, pull The Star Card!  Our Sacred Ancestors are Our Future. Guardians of mystical knowledge and that of reason-experience, expressed in Our Gods, Goddesses, and, Nature.  Our Folk are connected to Our Past just as much as we are connected Now as Folk and in the Future. Influence the younger generations by your life and create opportunities away from the technological-modernist noise for the Oral Transmission of Our Sacred Ancestral Heritage, Culture, Stories. Teach them to Burn It All Down for themselves, now, while they are young and it is easier to accomplish.  If we are successful in this, then Our Folk will have raised up a Folk generation confident in battle and right direction, generations of King of Swords Cards, Strong, Powerful Communicators, Analytical, Commanding Authority Folk!


By now, if not much earlier in this text, you are probably asking what the bloody hell is he on about with all of this?  Here is where all the above flows into making sense, I hope at least.


As this all began it was about the seasons of our moons.  Not long after tomorrow nights New Moon will come The Full Moon, Energy, Attentive, Clarity however, because of Our Sacred Folk Season it is also The Hunter’s Moon!  So too, Our Folk are passing through their phases from The Rejuvenating Power of The New Moon-to-The Hunter’s (Full) Moon.

This Hunter’s Moon; Will Our Folk continue as prey or return to the way of Our Sacred Ancestors and once again Become The Hunters of fatted abundant prey?




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