Burn It All Down

It is useful in these times, not without dangers though, to title pieces in order to activate the faceless masses Axis Vertebra.  The socio-political economy of present is failing, so to the sustainability of technology and the environment.  


For all your socio-political economy enthusiasm, your particularly chosen ism spins in the same centrifuge, temporarily separating itself from the other ism’s however, in time, understanding molecular attraction, amalgamates right back to the original state of the matter for, we live in a legalist society, above economics is the distortion of power.  It is this very same power that, in foibled desperation to retain power, will Burn It All Down!


If you disbelieve the above statement you then fail to understand your own history, for these same forces cut down all your great forests, rewrote the majority of your ancestral texts, the ones that survived their genocide across Our Lands.  Yes, I agree, there remains current issues that must be met, but, to meet these issues with only brawn and no intelligence will not achieve your desired outcomes. Nor does it take into consideration that they will Burn It All Down again and then what have you left for your future?


Not only should we be replanting Our Great Forests, for when it all fails, this is where it all begins anew however, everyone of us has the obligation to our future generations to create, maintain and secure hidden book-banks.  Books of Our Folk Heritage, The Liberal Arts and Sciences, each book securely hidden and preserved with a full explanation of why the book has been chosen to be saved from the next great Burn It All Down.  


There is a lesson of great futility for those adherents to ism’s beyond that of Nature (Pagan) – Folk, a lesson history is littered with time and time again from those that have not yet learned the lessons of the past, in this the phrase: The Past Is The Future,  holds great importance, it is just a matter of which path you choose.


Source: Books of The Black Forest

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