Why Should I Care?



Over 2000 years ago you came to Our European Folk-Sacred Lands to fulfill your sandcan djinn jehovah’s abrahamic cults genocidal plans.

History marched forward, culling Our Folk in ritualistic mass slaughter blood sacrifice to your abrahamic cults sandcan djinn jehovah, desecrating Nature, spoiling the beauty of Our Sacred Ancestral Lands, Cultures and Folk.

Oh, how sweet your care today, still!  You send Our Folk and others to fight your wars, if they survive the cullings, you provide them medals on their chests to compliment the modern fashion sense of trans-humanist legs.

What Sword, religion and government decree could not accomplish, there was financial violence to ensure Our Slavery!

What of today? You flood our Sacred Ancestry Lands with your sandcan-darkland savage invaders, to rape, murder, pillage and plunder what of Our Folk, Our Sacred Ancestral Lands was left to stand!

Yea, for over 2000 years Our Folk, Our Sacred Ancestral Lands have been the beneficiaries of your ‘benevolence’ and ‘care’.

Seventy-Four shot, thirteen dead in african chicago, eleven in a temple to the sandcan djinn jehovah; You invade foreign lands yet dare ask me to care?

Where was your ‘care’ for the hundreds of millions of Our European Folk starved-slaughtered-raped-murdered-exiled as part of your bloodlust to dominate Our Sacred Lands?

You own and run all the institutions, so Machiavellian of you, your orchestrated machinations of death to Our Sacred European Ancestry Lands, Our Folk and then ask us for the invaders to ‘care’!!!

Good I Say, that your own kill off your own, that many less to cause death and distress. No, my care belongs to Me and Mine, Our European Folk, Our Sacred European Ancestral Lands, Our Sacred European Nature and Supreme European Beauty!

Of you and yours; Why should I care?

I am an European without Country; Yea, Sacred Folk, Sacred Lands have I!




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