Cultural Mythos & the Return of the Ethnikos by CAROLYN EMERICK 29TH OCTOBER 2018 ARKTOS

Dear Readers, it is not often that our blog posts from other blogs however, when we do it is because the material is of great substance and even greater importance.  We wish to thank in advance Carolyn Emerick and ARKTOS for allowing our posting of an excerpt in the hopes that you, our readers, will follow the link for the full article.  ~Týr Blackthorn


We have been told that mythology is the body of beliefs of primitive and barbaric people. And we have been told that fairytales are merely tales for children and simpletons (i.e. of value only for immature and underdeveloped minds). Moreover, the very words ‘myth’ and ‘fairytale’ are often used as synonyms to mean ‘falsehood’ or even ‘lie.’ When a high-minded scientific rationalist uses the phrase ‘that’s just a myth’, when what he clearly means is ‘a fallacy’, what does this do to the status of mythology in the subconscious conception of the general public? We can see by this example that it is not only the Abrahamic acculturation and destruction of the indigenous worldview of Europeans (and, subsequently, other ethnic groups worldwide) that has diminished the status of mythos in the minds of the Folk; modern scientific rationalism is just as guilty. For both of these worldviews are inherently dogmatic. Both foster a lofty frame of mind which peers down from its self-appointed pedestal to deride the beliefs which came before as undeveloped, uncivilized and inferior. Because mythos has been drastically reduced in status in the minds of Westerners in recent decades and centuries, it behooves us to consider just why it is that myth was ever important in the first place. ~excerpt Cultural Mythos & the Return of the Ethnikos by CAROLYN EMERICK 29TH OCTOBER 2018  ARKTOS

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