This Mountain Top Morning I Spent with Sacred Brother Bear

I am Folk.

I am Wolf, Bear, Boar.

I am Tiwaz, Algiz, Sowilo, Othala.


Our Folk is My Honour, My Honour is My Folk!

I reject ALL that is Foreign to Our Folk, Our Lands,

I reject abrahamism in all its forms, social-cultural-political-economic-religious!


I Live IN Nature not OFF Nature!

I live in Our Sacred Ancestors of Blood and Bone,

Our Sacred Ancestors live in me!


I rejected my abrahamic slave given name,

I opened my grave, in doing so discovered who I am,

Týr Blackthorn The Folkish ‘tis who I am!


The Forest is my temple.

Spirits in The Sacred Trees, Stones, Animals,

These speak freely with me,

Sacred Bear, the greatest among these.


My personal Shaman,

Beauty, Power, Wisdom,

I Respect and Honour Thee!


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