Character and The Faceless Masses





In an age of convenient-expediency, deconstruction of self-reliance/responsibility, character has suffered a loss. Throughout the course of human development, history, the development of the individual’s character was prioritized with coming-of-age tests being administered to the individual in their mid-teenage years before passing into adulthood as a member of the greater society. There were many attributes that these tests were meant to bring forth, perhaps character was the most important. However, in relatively modern times, the paradigm has shifted to the individual being a part of the greater society and, therefore, the collective sends down to the individual a set of characteristics which, although the individual may accept, obey and follow, is not the authentic character development of themselves which adds to the greater society. Therefore, development of a society becomes stagnant or it enters a state of retrograde without the positive and unique character development of the individuals upward to a collective society.

The basis for a successful society is the individual of character which permeates the collective of the masses, thus transferring character and, ultimately, success to the society that the individual belongs. As a method to exemplify society, we should think of it in terms of a university’s liberal arts curriculum. The university student, by a liberal arts program, will be exposed to a multitude of subjects which will ultimately affect that individual and later on, society. I wish to focus, concerning the matter of character, on the significance of it and its value in terms of human ecology.

Character, even more so than culture as character influences culture not culture character, once brought forth from Nature is now a cheap imitation manufactured by man.  Still, yet, there remains the residual attributes within the European, Asian, Native American, African that has been retained in the blood-memory of each race.

We can examine this phenomena through the historical lens by looking at European Colonialism (more accurately abrahamic colonialism using the European, for it happened to Europe as well).  Throughout the middle east and africa during the period of colonization High-Culture was imparted to the peoples of lesser culture(?), this resulted in the raising of the standard of, if not success for living within the colonized populations however, European High-Character was never attained by the colonized populations as explained above it comes from Nature and blood-memory and no human thought-concept paradigm is capable of overriding the forces of Nature.  This is clearly evident for when the colonial powers left, the middle easterner and african reverted, rather easily and with great rapidity back to their former low-character state.  Yes, they might retain some of materialism’s ornamentation but the low-character cannot be denied.

amerika, from the start was indeed “The Grand Experiment” however, not as the history books would tell you.  It was an experiment on the usefulness and tactics to be gained of Genociding Indigenous Peoples by means of establishing multiculturalist societies.  Yes, amerika was built by the abrahamics with the European as their tool for they knew the European Character to be of High-Caliber and Strong.  Once established, with the Native Americans genocided, the social democrats of abrahamism program of multiculturalism began in earnest.  the “amerikan Grand Experiment” has failed in as far as sustaining a nation of High-Character for when the social democrats of abrahamism realized the European was no longer controllable the mass injection of peoples of lesser Character and Culture began.  The European character of amerika has been pushed to the background and those of peoples of lesser Character have been artificially pushed into the foreground.  This has created a toxic-violent, retrograde state society.  One only need to look at amerikan socio-cultural, poltico-economic institutions objectively to understand this to be true.

There are those that are of the thought that the aim to bring down the Germanic Character by means of multiculturalism and social democrat abrahamism was the end result of National Socialist Germany’s era when in fact the social democrat abrahamics took the successfully tested tactics-lessons learned in amerika and brought it to Europe centuries before the rise of National Socialist Germany, one only need to study the monarchies to see this is so.  Was not, in careful studied objective history the root cause of World War One the direct result of social democrat abrahamism’s multicultural attempts to overthrow European Societies of European Character?  All this because the forced conversions to the abrahamic cults by sword and violence of the state and international finance had failed to eradicate The European Character!

Is this not self-evident today in Europe?  The social democrat abrahamics have captured the governments of Europe and so by the use of ‘European(?)’ Law are attempting the take down of Europe, the eradication of European Character-Identity by means of forced injection of the known entities of lesser Character-Culture?

In essence, character is supplemental to the inner dialogue of the individual (conscious). Developing and setting clearly defined boundaries of principle if successful this will transfer into the greater society, the collective. It can be said then that character, provided it is High-Character,  is the substance that propels human ecology, propels the individual in society towards reaching their full potential. You have heard the axiom “Character is what you do when no one is looking”. Permit me to suggest that in the current toxic environment of society today, that it is easy to have ‘State Manufactured Character’ when no one is looking however, the real test of ‘Character’ is to do what is right when everyone is looking for there is reward and no threat if one goes with the flow but it is the individual of European Character that faces the threats, whatever form they may take, for stepping outside of the officially issued, officially sanctioned parameters, to be that person of character, to do what is right.

“A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.”

― G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man


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