First Snow: Cabin Longing with Brother Dog

The first snow has arrived bringing with it the cabin longing for myself and Brother Dog.

For many years up until around four years ago, Brother Dog and me enjoyed our cabin in the Adirondacks, Nature and Her Snows.

In the Fall, we would work hard to prepare for the long Winter sleep, firewood, meats-fish in the smokehouses, canning fruits and vegetables from our gardens and The Forest.  We would spend days in the fall forest splendors collecting black walnuts, the acorns for flour.

The thing about our two smokehouses is that even while we were away, the local mountain folk knew they could, when in need, get what their families needed.  In return, they would leave hand-woven Adirondack blankets or they would take one of our cast iron dutch ovens-pots and fill it with stews, as only our mountain folk know how to do, leaving them at our door,  if they knew when we would return.

We were forced to abandon our cabin, sadly our mountain folk their homes, for developers, tourism (urban invaders-revenue) and taxes came;   Condos and townhouses, noise-light pollution, garbage strewn from car windows along our once pristine Nature (roadways).  Waters over-fished, lands hunted bare, Governments and Private Corporations now own our wells, back to us our water they by force back to us sell.  Sewer Plants and landfills now dot the lands, what was once Nature, pleasing to the eyes, turns my head, with anger-red filled eyes towards the sky, asking Why?  Of course, Progress is Thy Name!

As for Brother Dog and me, our search continues, for Our Cabin, in Nature, pure and free!

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