Think-Thought: Information Influx ~ Realities and Dreaming


Over the past few weeks I have received an influx of information from various seemingly unrelated sources including Sheridan, Moffitt, Peake, Waking Life (film) and Soviet Films by Director Andrei Tarkovsky. (Mirror, Solaris, Stalker).

My initial response is these two points:

Apparently, it makes people rather uncomfortable when they are expressing themselves, attempting to relate-communicate to you while they are yet still within the confines of a collective-consciousness society and you, having alienated yourself from it while still being in it, seem unresponsive as you assess the neural simulations of the event stacking (Alfred North Whitehead).

Man, in modernity, and its associated pollution’s of light, noise, toxins in the environment and food-water supply has lost some of his abilities of the mind.  The constant socio-political economic struggle to provide for one’s family, survive in this artificial, unnatural even, binary socio-political economic religious system that creates an adversarial relationship with rather than symbiotic relationship in nature is critical to this loss as well.

Sleep, Dreaming, are adversely affected.  It is my observation that Man has forgotten, if not lost the abilities to access other dimensions through Dream Portals.  Man has forgotten or lost his abilities to have interactive, participatory dreams and the functionality of manipulating those dreams, remember dreams being other dimensions or even realities.

Yes, I am fully aware I have not covered so many of the related questions that arise from my observations however, is that not the purpose of Civil Public Discourse?

Engage Your Mind!

Learn To Think, Again!

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