Why Bring Noble Creatures Down to Mans Level?

This one point I consider of utmost importance after a period of immersion in Poetry, H.P. Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood, is the grotesque error in the manner which We (society) approach our interaction with Nature overall but more importantly our one-on-one interpersonal interactions.

We do not own dogs, cats, horses, etc., no matter what regulatory affairs of man dictate. Sounds very abrahamic after all (dominate Nature). Rather the opposite is true in that We belong to the dogs, cats, horses, etc. Yes, we provide The Noble Creatures food, shelter, even medical care for We have made them dependent on us.

It is by means of this coerced dependency that even larger disservice is performed. If We share our homes with the Noble Creatures of Nature, We right away set out, often unconsciously due to abrahamic programming, to not only ascribed to but even more horrific, imprint our human traits on them.

No different than caging creatures in zoos or training them for the circus, We domesticate, train out, creatures for our own personal zoos and circuses.

It is in this that We lose, for lost is the character traits, of the individual creatures, that which makes them part of their species, but, also their individuality, expecting them to act as We believe they should.

Man is incapable of mastering himself why then would he seek to, no, should he be allowed to, dominate Nature and Her Creatures, “take dominion over all the creatures” and ruin them by ascribing, even more horrific, imprinting human traits on them instead of allowing them to interact with Man as they desire, see fit?

What of The Trees?

Saved by Sir Edwin Hendry Landseer,  1856

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