Suicidal Deer A Thought Most Queer

It is right thinking to understand The Deer do not run out into the path of oncoming vehicles as any manner of suicide. Dear Reader, it is important to understand that The Deer are following their Ancient Ancestral Paths, that, it is, mans roads that cut across these paths, so then it reasons man, his vehicles, are the ones in the name of modernity, hitting and killing, The Deer.

In the past, whenever I read of people that have committed suicide, I used to think that somehow, previously, they had cheated death and it was an act of past due payment being rendered.

When I worked for The US Congress, I used to wonder as I shaved every morning, straight razor grazing across my throat, how they do this everyday without cutting their throats! It is the same for those that must commute into urban centers each day to earn their pay, for urban centers it seems teem with oppression and dread, the living dead.

With all my time spent in the Spirit Wood, I have yet to witness any creature even hint at suicide, let alone The Deer on the side of the road laying mangled, vehicle-dead.

Yes, there are those that commit suicide to escape justice, then I ponder, yet not enough as I count their crimes and the number of Bodiless Trees in The Wood.

Through it all, over time I changed my view that it was not those that cheated death, rather those separated from their Ancestral Paths, separated from The Wood, that make up the greater number of these.

Suicide in the name of progress-modernity, for The Lack of Living Among Their Trees

Monarch of The Glen by Sir Edwin Landseer  1851

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