If The One Light Ever Begins to Flicker, Fade

“I OWN MY FUCKING DARKNESS!”    faceless masses, did  you not pay attention when I had this to say?

There is yet but One Light In This World, a light that keeps My Darkness from reaching you be it night or day.  If this One Light ever begins to flicker, turns away to fade, worse comes the day than your books foretold, worse the more your hell on earth; YOU will pay!

To fuck with a nice chianti and fava beans, on that day I will cut your “god’s” heart out, feast on it, a garlic-whiskey-butter-god heart sauté!

No Quarter Given, No Quarter asked!

Kindness and forgiveness are for The Weak, that which your god uses to genocide and enslave.  Everytime My Darkness hears you say “let us pray” or “let us get on our knees and beg forgiveness”  My Darkness alone or with others in tow, sighted our marked foe, our next prey.

Your god, its heart anyway, been feasted upon by My Darkness, as  a garlic-whiskey-butter-god heart sauté, tell me faceless masses, to whom is it you pray?

Best you hope, this One Light ne’er begins to flicker, turns away to fade, unless you are ready for the price My Darkness Commands to be paid!

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