High-Strangeness Doth Ride The Winds

Womb is Tomb, Tomb is Womb.  

What was, is.  What is, was.

Reality surreal, Surreal reality.  

What is, is not.  What is not, is.

Light O’ Day is dark,

Dark O’ Night is light.

High-Strangeness, Thought, dry and dead,

dormant seeds awakening, Thought.

Seek The Trees,

THE SECRET lies with these,

Strange Days, indeed!

Wolves in a Winter Landscape, 1851 Frederik Marianus Kruseman, Netherlands

I Return! (Them)

I have gouged out the jagged mountain, created for you the fjord, fertile valley below, not a day, not a night, rather inhabited eons ever so slow, so long ago.  

My edges fragile, these readily give way, the wise on my girth do skate-fish-play.

Your weight I bear, this doth not break me, but, the weight of The Sun, The Day!

I am of the darkest night and the brightest moon, harken to my moans as I shift and grow.  Far on the distant shore your barrel fires glow, hot buttered rums flow; children laugh, children sing, in the shadows, on their coals, young lovers they blow.

I  answer the sirens call of the icy depths below,  stealthily at first, then with my icy thunderous voice, CRACK!  They stumble, tumble, shudder in fear, in an instant those fated to my icy tomb, the icy sirens song beckons them to go.

A long winter of mourning those on the shore will know, but after the last snow, after winters last great blow, spring with her warming sun will arrive, a signal I must go, return to you upon your shores, those entombed in the sirens dark, silent icy depths far below on that winter’s night seemingly so long ago.

Winter Landscape with a Windmill by Hendrick Avercamp, c.1615  (The Little Ice Age), Netherlands

Sleep Sacred White Birch, Sleep.

Sleep Sacred White Birch, Sleep.

I send the snows to insulate your roots, your roots where your life’s blood kept warm away from the cold.

Heavy with nutrients, I lay the whitied blanket low, for come Spring, regenerated soil;

We shall watch thee green and grow once, twice, thrice; Evermore!

Sleep Sacred White Birch, Sleep, as we do in our dens under the forest floor,

Is this not what winter is for?

– The Bear, Caretaker of The Forest

Suicidal Deer A Thought Most Queer

It is right thinking to understand The Deer do not run out into the path of oncoming vehicles as any manner of suicide. Dear Reader, it is important to understand that The Deer are following their Ancient Ancestral Paths, that, it is, mans roads that cut across these paths, so then it reasons man, his vehicles, are the ones in the name of modernity, hitting and killing, The Deer.

In the past, whenever I read of people that have committed suicide, I used to think that somehow, previously, they had cheated death and it was an act of past due payment being rendered.

When I worked for The US Congress, I used to wonder as I shaved every morning, straight razor grazing across my throat, how they do this everyday without cutting their throats! It is the same for those that must commute into urban centers each day to earn their pay, for urban centers it seems teem with oppression and dread, the living dead.

With all my time spent in the Spirit Wood, I have yet to witness any creature even hint at suicide, let alone The Deer on the side of the road laying mangled, vehicle-dead.

Yes, there are those that commit suicide to escape justice, then I ponder, yet not enough as I count their crimes and the number of Bodiless Trees in The Wood.

Through it all, over time I changed my view that it was not those that cheated death, rather those separated from their Ancestral Paths, separated from The Wood, that make up the greater number of these.

Suicide in the name of progress-modernity, for The Lack of Living Among Their Trees

Monarch of The Glen by Sir Edwin Landseer  1851

Why Bring Noble Creatures Down to Mans Level?

This one point I consider of utmost importance after a period of immersion in Poetry, H.P. Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood, is the grotesque error in the manner which We (society) approach our interaction with Nature overall but more importantly our one-on-one interpersonal interactions.

We do not own dogs, cats, horses, etc., no matter what regulatory affairs of man dictate. Sounds very abrahamic after all (dominate Nature). Rather the opposite is true in that We belong to the dogs, cats, horses, etc. Yes, we provide The Noble Creatures food, shelter, even medical care for We have made them dependent on us.

It is by means of this coerced dependency that even larger disservice is performed. If We share our homes with the Noble Creatures of Nature, We right away set out, often unconsciously due to abrahamic programming, to not only ascribed to but even more horrific, imprint our human traits on them.

No different than caging creatures in zoos or training them for the circus, We domesticate, train out, creatures for our own personal zoos and circuses.

It is in this that We lose, for lost is the character traits, of the individual creatures, that which makes them part of their species, but, also their individuality, expecting them to act as We believe they should.

Man is incapable of mastering himself why then would he seek to, no, should he be allowed to, dominate Nature and Her Creatures, “take dominion over all the creatures” and ruin them by ascribing, even more horrific, imprinting human traits on them instead of allowing them to interact with Man as they desire, see fit?

What of The Trees?

Saved by Sir Edwin Hendry Landseer,  1856

The Case For Eugenics: Vernon NJ has a Stupid People Problem Not a Bear Problem



“I am The Bear.
I am Righteous Anger
All Seeing
Wisdom of Great Sages
Tend to The Good
Destroyer of The Evil
I am The Ancestors.

You honour me not. The zoo, the circus, you cheapen my life, bring shame upon The Ancestors. You steal my lands, call death squads upon my head, by their guns I stand no chance, yet bravely I face them with the Courage, Honour of your Ancestors, that you retain not.”
~Excerpt Nature’s Rules. Ancestral~Folk Spirits~Energies


On October 12, 2016 I posted NJ Bear Hunt Most Cowardly Slaughter Hall of Them All , since that time New Jersey has elected a new governor that has enacted a moratorium on Bear Hunts however, this has not stopped the stupid people infected with the abrahamic death cults mind virus from turning to other means, other state sanctioned means as per the recent news articles:

1. Trap set in Vernon to capture, euthanize bear that charged at resident

New Jersey HeraldOct 22, 2018

2. Bear trap removed in Vernon, another set

New Jersey HeraldOct 27, 2018


Pertaining to the first article, if the Bear wanted to hurt the human, it would have done so.  It did not.  Comments on the article, friends of the supposed ‘victim’ describe him to be an avid ‘outdoors-man’, this claim is questionable for he put himself in the situation to which the Bear and/or her cubs felt he was a threat to them.  In fact, human flesh is most unpleasant to The Palate Of Our Sacred Ancestral Bears, will only kill when threatened, harassed or otherwise put upon.  Rarely, and only out of facing starvation, will a Bear Eat The Stupid People!

Anyone who has lived at the Great Gorge Condominiums knows this is Bear Country and being such there are certain times of the year that one needs to be attentive to their surroundings, an avid ‘outdoors-man’ would certainly know this!

Multiplying The Stupid People Factor are those that instead of just watching The Bears meander thru as they do if you leave them alone, from a safe distance, or from inside their condo unit, they rush out to get pictures or feel compelled to display their ‘false-bravado’ by attempting to chase The Bears away.  They come out with air horns or as I witnessed one resident, get into their cars and chase them blowing their horns.  The Bears are now immune to these Stupid People and their even more asinine behaviours.

The property management company has secured the trash bins with latches the bears cannot open (in their defence they are put in a position to protect The Stupid People from themselves) yet the residents are to lazy to close the bins and/or leave the bins open to attract The Bears so they can see them!

On the second article, it is a continuation of the first, but just as with the hysteria following a shark attack and the culls that follow (slaughtering more than just sharks) The Bear in question is rarely ever the same Bear, so they trap a Bear and Slaughter it because of Stupid Humans, not that our ‘avid outdoors-man’ could even identify The Bear!

The third article, the two arrested for freeing The Distressed Bear Cub (with Mother nearby) are Heroes NOT Criminals!

Alas, The Stupid People, those that wish to eradicate The Bears, fail to realize that the presence of The Bears keeps the Coyotes up in the mountains.  The Coyotes will not think twice of attacking humans, especially your children which you claim are not safe because of The Bears.  I laugh at all the ‘missing kitty’ fliers posted on the trash bins.  Not because a house cat has become a meal, but, because The Stupid Humans sacrificed their precious kitties to the opportunistic predators.  A few years back, I witnessed a cat chase off a Bear, so Stupid People, you deserve what you get!

“As we strive to see a return to natural law, we are visited with disapproval of the tie-clad peace monger, staying true to his Abrahamic programming. Such stupid people will assert that man is directed and blessed by the desert God to subjugate nature. It is truly repulsive how many people spew this nonsense. Even more revolting is how many Aryans still repeat these same lines! These self-stroking Abrahamic egotists fancy themselves glorious kings and queens, who have brought nature to heel in serfdom. However, the spear they wield exists only in their minds. They fail to realize that such an absurd reality is an absolute impossibility. In the many thousands of years man has existed, never once have we usurped the golden throne of Nature. Even with the magnificent technological aptitude we have attained, we have but barely caught a glimpse of the breathtaking beauty that orchestrates the natural world. Despite the hubris of Abrahamic thought, man has never, and will never, see Nature as his Thrall. At best, even the glorious Aryan man has only taught himself to master lesser forms of the Natural world to his whims. The notions of men are incapable of grasping firmly upon the reins of mans prosperity, as they rely entirely upon man to exist to begin with. Without humanity, the ideas of men cannot manifest, thus the musings of men are entirely subordinate to their parents existence, and the mandates of the Divines that manifested the circumstances required for man to be realized.” ~excerpt FROM THE BOSOM OF FJÖRGYN by Grimvera – MADOT MEDIA


What this whole episode shows us is that the abrahamic mind virus towards Nature has saturated society at all levels.

34 And David said unto Saul, Thy servant kept his father’s sheep, and there came a lion, and a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock:

35 And I went out after him, and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth: and when he arose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him.

36 Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear: and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them, seeing he hath defied the armies of the living God.

37 David said moreover, The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the LORD be with thee. -1 samuel KJV

The Lion in this verse is Pagan Persian-Babylonian-African and THE BEAR is The European.  It is key in context to understand this is about genociding The Pagans-Nature, but it is also a prelude to the genocidal warfare conducted by the abrahamic death cult christianity no better expressed than their cutting down of all The Great Forests of Europe and saint augustine writing on the extermination of The Bear as The Devil!

1 bear-baiting.
Bear Baiting depicted in a religious Christian work, The Louterell Psalter, c1300
British Library, Additional MS 42130, Folio 161r Bear-baiting.
Dogs are urged to attack the chained and muzzled bear

2 bearbaiting_04
Bears were also tortured at fairs in the open air. The bear is chained to a stake, 
to keep the spectacle in a fixed place and keep the Christian spectators safe.

By no means is this the start of the abrahamic death cults mind virus, attacks on Nature, for The Pagan Lives IN Nature and the abrahamic death cultist Live OFF Nature. In their own words:

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” ~genesis 1:26 kjv

The faceless masses have for so long been infected with this mind virus of death-n-destruction, for generation upon generation, that today they act as automatons without giving any thought to, nor taking personal responsibility for their actions to so readily condemn Our Sacred Ancestral Bears, Nature to mans indiscriminate slaughter.

The Case For Eugenics: Vernon NJ has a Stupid People Problem Not a Bear Problem:

Save Our Sacred Ancestral Bears

Support Eugenics for Stupid People!

Think-Thought: Information Influx ~ Realities and Dreaming


Over the past few weeks I have received an influx of information from various seemingly unrelated sources including Sheridan, Moffitt, Peake, Waking Life (film) and Soviet Films by Director Andrei Tarkovsky. (Mirror, Solaris, Stalker).

My initial response is these two points:

Apparently, it makes people rather uncomfortable when they are expressing themselves, attempting to relate-communicate to you while they are yet still within the confines of a collective-consciousness society and you, having alienated yourself from it while still being in it, seem unresponsive as you assess the neural simulations of the event stacking (Alfred North Whitehead).

Man, in modernity, and its associated pollution’s of light, noise, toxins in the environment and food-water supply has lost some of his abilities of the mind.  The constant socio-political economic struggle to provide for one’s family, survive in this artificial, unnatural even, binary socio-political economic religious system that creates an adversarial relationship with rather than symbiotic relationship in nature is critical to this loss as well.

Sleep, Dreaming, are adversely affected.  It is my observation that Man has forgotten, if not lost the abilities to access other dimensions through Dream Portals.  Man has forgotten or lost his abilities to have interactive, participatory dreams and the functionality of manipulating those dreams, remember dreams being other dimensions or even realities.

Yes, I am fully aware I have not covered so many of the related questions that arise from my observations however, is that not the purpose of Civil Public Discourse?

Engage Your Mind!

Learn To Think, Again!